Abraham Lincoln 8 [SOLD OUT]


issue the eighth
winter 2014
54 pp.
$5 + $1.00 s&h

It's been a long long while, as old Abe has been spending a lot of time hanging out under the bleachers smoking dirtweed with the dirtheads and planning the debut of his death metal band Churchyard Maggot at that pizza parlor in that strip mall near that other strip mall with the dog grooming place. But we're back, and we've got some good shit for you. Check out this tasty baggie full of weird purple business. You can afford it, because you just got paid for sort of fixing your dad's fence.
featuring work by
Cassandra Gillig
Carly Eichhorn
Maya Weeks
Josef Kaplan
Sommer Browning
Iris Cushing
Sandra Simonds
Lanny Quarles
Sharon Mesmer
Sampson Starkweather
Monica Mody