Abraham Lincoln 6 [SOLD OUT]

issue the sixth
winter 2011
50 pp.
$5 + $1.50 s&h

Later, awkwarder, stickier, and number-sixier than ever before, the new issue of Abraham Lincoln wants desperately to be held tight to your heaving thoraxes (thoraces?) as you get so excited by the poems it contains that you gnaw the staples out WITH YOUR TEETH and commence slobbering at the moon. Can you afford NOT to throw away your hard-earned shekels on this splendid rag?
featuring work by
Sandra Simonds
Catherine Wagner
Marie Buck
Ish Klein
Lacey Hunter
Estee Schwartz
David Brazil
Sam or Samantha Yams
Ton Van 't Hof
Uyen Hua
Lindsey Boldt
Brian Ang
Micah Freeman
Anna Vitale
Thomas Lovell Beddoes
Adam Katz
Nicole Taylor
Unsolicited submissions ate my dingo.


Rod Smith, You BĂȘte [SOLD OUT]

Abraham Lincoln Press presents Rod Smith's You BĂȘte: twenty-six pages of mind-wrenching, gut-expanding poems from the man many consider the Rod Smith of contemporary poetry.


The New Apparent You

NBC's Kings is a modern-day telling of
elf-inflicted Biting and Voting.

Nothing more.