Abraham Lincoln #5 [SOLD OUT]

issue the fifth
summer/fall 2009
55 pp.

Well, it's ABOUT TIME. Abraham Lincoln #5 comes screeching and hissing out of its dark crevice in the earth just in time for whatever festive, many-feathered seasonal ritual you strange gentle people celebrate. This issue is so tasty you'll want to LICK it. Careful though: it's blistering HOT.

featuring work by
Chris Alexander
Alli Warren
Dana Ward
Catherine Meng
Lytle Shaw
Keston Sutherland
Annie Finch
Joseph Mosconi
K. Silem Mohammad
Elisabeth Workman
Kim Rosenfield
Vanessa Place
Chris Funkhouser
Mark Wallace
Benjamin Friedlander


Unsolicited submissions will be stared at stupidly.

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