Abraham Lincoln 1 [SOLD OUT]

issue the first
spring/summer 2007

featuring work by
Brandon Downing
Gary Sullivan
CA Conrad
Alli Warren
Matt McCloud
Rodney Koeneke
Sharon Mesmer
Nada Gordon
Sandra Simonds
Shanna Compton
Michael Magee
Lanny Quarles
Bill Luoma
Rachel Dakarian
Drew Gardner
Katie Degentesh

full-color cover by LRSN



williez said...

Abe, the chapbook: ooh ooh ooh!

Abe, the statue: have you seen its new head? It's way too big for its torso!

Gary said...

Awesome cover

Todd Colby said...


hank said...

I'm currently assembling a series of unsolicited submissions to Abraham Lincoln which will be published alongside the quite nasty rejection letters that Mr Mohamed provided. One has only a footprint. Another has no comments except for a stain that I hope is only spit. Still another came in a box with a Polaroid of Mr. Mohamed apparently giving some sort of gang sign along with a piece of of birthday cake with the frosting removed and an obsenely large butcher knife cleaving it in half. I have no idea how I'm going to Xerox the birthday cake.

hank said...

Also, please accept my apologies for repeatedly misspelling your name, Kasey. I had a teacher named JanMohamed last semester, and I was terrified of misspelling his name, which means in consequence that I will forever fuck up yours.

Carol Novack said...

not only are you a print mag, but you trash unsolicited subs. f**k this unameerican s**t. i hate clicques and print is passay. i want my donation AND my unsolicited hore derrve a Post-post/Postmo
-Dern Po-Et ErEcts a HOTtub in LENINgrad back or i'm gonna sue. NOW!

clay mccann said...

Lee Harvey & the little girl America

i thought i saw Lee Harvey Oswald
at the corner
holding the hand of a little girl
waiting for the light to change

and i thought
"that little girl
is America
and Lee Harvey
is going to teach her to smoke"

but then i thought
already knows how to smoke."

and then,
"that little girl is America
and Lee Harvey Oswald
is going to teach her
to shoot a gun"

but then,
already knows
how to use a gun
America pretty much is a gun!"

then i thought,
Lee Harvey is going
to teach
little girl America
how to be betrayed
by people you think you
should be able to trust.

because this is a lesson
America still hasn't really learned yet."

and then the light changed
and i passed by the two of them
real close
and as they went on
i thought,

"oh. That's not
Lee Harvey Oswald
at all.
That's only my neighbour,

- clay mccann,

John Lofton, Recovering Republican said...


196: Beware! We Are Awash In A Tidal Wave Of Lies About The Murderous Tyrant Abraham Lincoln

On this program, John Lofton and “Institute On The Constitution” Senior Instructor Pastor David Whitney refute many of those lies. You’ll also hear: Pat Robertson’s preposterous praising of Lincoln (where is that “word of knowledge” when Robertson needs it most?); part of a pro-suicide poem by Lincoln when he was 29; and you’ll hear several sound-bites from the History Channel’s 3-hour program about Dishonest Abe.

Lion Poet said...

.... what the hell is going on here?

C.P.Harrison said...

derpy, derp, derp, derp/
"WTF...? I just need some"
-pickles up my butt