Abraham Lincoln 8 [SOLD OUT]


issue the eighth
winter 2014
54 pp.
$5 + $1.00 s&h

It's been a long long while, as old Abe has been spending a lot of time hanging out under the bleachers smoking dirtweed with the dirtheads and planning the debut of his death metal band Churchyard Maggot at that pizza parlor in that strip mall near that other strip mall with the dog grooming place. But we're back, and we've got some good shit for you. Check out this tasty baggie full of weird purple business. You can afford it, because you just got paid for sort of fixing your dad's fence.
featuring work by
Cassandra Gillig
Carly Eichhorn
Maya Weeks
Josef Kaplan
Sommer Browning
Iris Cushing
Sandra Simonds
Lanny Quarles
Sharon Mesmer
Sampson Starkweather
Monica Mody

Abraham Lincoln 7 [SOLD OUT]


issue the seventh
winter 2012
42 pp.
$5 + $1.00 s&h

A gorgeous gallery of gallant inventions, garnished and decked with diverse dainty devices, right delicate and delightful, to recreate each modest mind withal: first framed and fashioned in sundry forms by diverse worthy workmen of late days, and now joined together and builded up.
featuring work by
Bruce Andrews
Adam J Maynard
Rebecca Wolff
Adam Moorad
Wendy Trevino
Ernst Herbeck (trans. Gary Sullivan)
Brittany Dennison
Lanny Quarles
Magdalena Zurawski
Allyssa Wolf
Dorothy Trujillo Lusk
Ryan Walker

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Michael Nicoloff & Alli Warren, Eunoia [SOLD OUT]

Together again for the first time since Bruised Dick: Michael Nicoloff and Alli Warren bring the hot poetry action with Eunoia, new from Abraham Lincoln Press!

Using only the twenty-six letters of the Roman alphabet (and a few Arabic numerals and assorted punctuation marks), Warren and Nicoloff have created in Eunoia sixteen poems of a certain number of letters each that when read by English-speaking readers can be experienced as a series of intelligible or semi-intelligible words, phrases, lines, and sentences referring or seeming to refer to various things.

22 pp.
$5 + $1.50 s&h

I Have to Itch His Subaru

for Erika Staiti

I've got this ukulele
in a plastic bag
I'm saving it for the clungheads
and spoadies and I hope
this brave decision will be followed
by others Now yell at the sandwich
with the consistent narrative voice
your mama gave you
Sandwich, how'd you get in them jeans?
by failing to signal while holding
hands in the time of the Perseids
with the weird dude who owns
those cabins the dude who invented
coinage What a clown!
clogging the sidewalks of the republic
I remember when this bar was a horsehair
love mat or another man's noodles
what did you do to it
I harumphed
I missiled I'm sorry
I was high
and I totally bricked it


Abraham Lincoln 6 [SOLD OUT]

issue the sixth
winter 2011
50 pp.
$5 + $1.50 s&h

Later, awkwarder, stickier, and number-sixier than ever before, the new issue of Abraham Lincoln wants desperately to be held tight to your heaving thoraxes (thoraces?) as you get so excited by the poems it contains that you gnaw the staples out WITH YOUR TEETH and commence slobbering at the moon. Can you afford NOT to throw away your hard-earned shekels on this splendid rag?
featuring work by
Sandra Simonds
Catherine Wagner
Marie Buck
Ish Klein
Lacey Hunter
Estee Schwartz
David Brazil
Sam or Samantha Yams
Ton Van 't Hof
Uyen Hua
Lindsey Boldt
Brian Ang
Micah Freeman
Anna Vitale
Thomas Lovell Beddoes
Adam Katz
Nicole Taylor
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Rod Smith, You BĂȘte [SOLD OUT]

Abraham Lincoln Press presents Rod Smith's You BĂȘte: twenty-six pages of mind-wrenching, gut-expanding poems from the man many consider the Rod Smith of contemporary poetry.


The New Apparent You

NBC's Kings is a modern-day telling of
elf-inflicted Biting and Voting.

Nothing more.

K. Silem Mohammad, Crush [SOLD OUT]

Abraham Lincoln Press presents K. Silem Mohammad's Crush, a 21-poem chapbook.

$5 (includes s&h)


I've become better with my money
I never seem to have any
today I departed for London yesterday
that's about it for yesterday

I was sad that I lost my backpack
with my camera and my money in it
it pretty much sucked
on the camera/profit front

older, chillax-ier sea turtles are getting all my money
because it's such a good environment
there is a video on YouTube
of lions attacking a giraffe

if you want to view any of these things let me know
PayPal will keep my money


Abraham Lincoln #5 [SOLD OUT]

issue the fifth
summer/fall 2009
55 pp.

Well, it's ABOUT TIME. Abraham Lincoln #5 comes screeching and hissing out of its dark crevice in the earth just in time for whatever festive, many-feathered seasonal ritual you strange gentle people celebrate. This issue is so tasty you'll want to LICK it. Careful though: it's blistering HOT.

featuring work by
Chris Alexander
Alli Warren
Dana Ward
Catherine Meng
Lytle Shaw
Keston Sutherland
Annie Finch
Joseph Mosconi
K. Silem Mohammad
Elisabeth Workman
Kim Rosenfield
Vanessa Place
Chris Funkhouser
Mark Wallace
Benjamin Friedlander


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